About Wendy

My first involvement in the Durham Community began more than three decades ago as a Duke student working with children in the St. Teresa and West End neighborhoods. I volunteered several afternoons a week with Operation Breakthrough’s program in the St. Teresa Community helping children with their homework and leading afterschool activities. I also worked as a counselor with summer programs in St. Teresa and the West End neighborhoods and took children on excursions around Durham such as first dips in the Eno River. These experiences were an integral part of my inspiration to become a public school teacher.

I am strongly committed to public education as the foundation of our democracy and the most important tool for improving the social, economic and cultural welfare for all in our society. After graduating from Duke, I received my certification in intermediate elementary education from UNC-Chapel Hill and taught fifth grade at Holt Elementary in Durham Public Schools and then at Anderson and Bartlett Yancey Elementary Schools in Caswell County. As a former public school teacher in Durham and rural Caswell County, I am keenly aware of the challenges facing public education in North Carolina such as the effect that availability of community resources and socioeconomic conditions at home can have on educational achievement.

Wendy with her family

As a parent of three DPS educated children, I have been a committed and active parent in Durham Public Schools. My children, Caleb, Eliza and Zach, were students at Forest View Elementary, WG Pearson Middle Magnet, Rogers Herr, Githens, and Jordan High School. At each of these schools my involvement ranged from room parent to the leadership level on PTA Boards, Site Base Committees and Principal Selection Committee. I had the honor of serving two years on the Superintendent’s Budget Advisory Committee. As a member of this committee, I have gained in depth knowledge of the complex federal, state and local funding process, the economic challenges we face due to the decrease in state support for public education and assisted in making difficult funding decisions that affect our teachers and children in the classroom.

In addition to my passion for public education in Durham, I have a strong interest in land use and transportation issues and served six years on the Durham Planning Commission. Like my interest in the children in our community, my interest in land use grew out of grass roots experience. As chair of the Erwin Area Neighborhood Group, I led the successful New Hope Preserve Campaign that resulted in an historic four government partnership between Durham City, Durham County, Chapel Hill and Orange County to create the 100 acre Hollow Rock Access Area along the New Hope Creek Corridor. This process also included citizens, The Triangle Land Conservancy, local land owners and Duke University. I served as chair of the multi government Hollow Rock/ New Hope Preserve Master Plan Committee which created a park plan that has been approved by all four jurisdictions.

I also gained considerable first hand knowledge and experience about local and regional transportation, environmental, land use and planning issues as a member of the Durham Planning Commission, Durham -Orange -Chapel Hill Work Group, Committee on Environmental Enhancements to the UDO, Durham Bike and Pedestrian Commission and New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee.

Historic preservation is another passion that I share with my husband, Michael Meredith, and we renovated the historic Rivermont Springs property which is now our family’s home. I was also chair of the Hollow Rock Store Project which is overseeing efforts to renovate and relocate the historic Hollow Rock Country Store to the future New Hope Preserve park.

My record on the Planning Commission speaks for itself. I worked diligently to represent the best interests of Durham. I work hard and do my homework. I prepared for meetings, met with applicants and citizens, consulted with staff, and made site visits so that I could make the most informed decision possible. I try to be fair and balanced taking into consideration the pros and cons of each situation and consider the costs and benefits to Durham citizens now and in the future. While I tried to be detailed in my analysis of each proposed rezoning, plan amendment, text amendment or master plan, I also keep the big picture in mind and take into account the future implications of each proposal on Durham’s future generations. I am a strong advocate of smart growth planning principles, and upholding our adopted land use, transportation and Greenhouse Gas plans. I took pride in working side by side respectfully with my fellow commissioners who come from all walks of life in Durham. We may have differing views but we can still learn from each other and are united in our desire to serve our community and our love for Durham.

Over the past decade we have taken great strides and seen many positive changes in Durham in which we can all take pride. We are a diverse, unique and vibrant community. Yet we still struggle with poverty, unemployment and crime as we must meet the educational, safety, healthcare and economic needs of all members of our community. Durham is poised to be one of the best places to work and live in America. In the years ahead we have important decisions to make that will affect our land use and transportation, economic growth and quality of life far into the future. At the same time we must deal with the critical need for jobs for our many unemployed and underemployed citizens.

It is my honor and privilege to serve the people of Durham as your county commissioner the past three years. I enjoy working with people from every part of our community to solve our challenging problems, make tough decision and take decisive actions to make Durham a better place for everyone. I take advantage of educational opportunities to improve my skills and knowledge and take on leadership roles at the local, regional, state and national level so that I can best serve you. I love being actively engaged in addressing the problems of unemployment, lack of educational attainment and violent crime which continues to plague our community in the midst of our economic development and revitalization. With your vote and support, as your Durham County Commissioner, I will continue to dedicate myself to ensuring that the potential for our future continues to bright so that everyone in Durham has the opportunity for a good quality of life.